Los Angeles-based CREATIVE STRATEGIST & WRITER with a focus on the future. This is a select portfolio.

Los Angeles-based CREATIVE STRATEGIST & WRITER with a focus on the future.
This is a select portfolio.

I’m focused on original IP, cultural capital, and business transformation. Chasing awe and exploding genre, I have a futurist mindset and a past life as a performance artist.

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I hit a point after working as a cultural journalist for more than a decade and asked myself: What else can a writer’s brain really do? And I have worked on anything story-related since, from documentary producing to scriptwriting to narrative and transformational strategy… even writing jingles, interactive fiction, consulting for brands, and some copywriting jobs here and there.

I like to challenge norms and expectations, collaborate with fun teams and individuals, and create work that makes the most of my chameleonic skills.

Some stats:

Grew up mostly in Chicago

Proudly queer 

Worked in newspapers and magazines for a while as a staff writer in Chicago and Las Vegas, then as editor in New York (VICE was the game-changer)

Moved to Los Angeles to spearhead the VICE West Coast editorial office 

Swore off media and did a bunch of other stuff...click around my website and you’ll get the jist

Been in LA ever since and now can’t move anywhere else because my cat Tucci needs to go outside on a leash every single day and that requires warm weather ︎


Doomsday, Anonymous, The Directors Bureau, Mathematic, REVERIE, Stink, Iconoclast (US + Paris), Sony, Hulu, Lightbox Entertainment, IPC, Superprime, Mini-Title, Tool, Colors Paris, Caviar Paris


Wieden + Kennedy, Bodega, I&Co, Rapp, A Hundred Years, Funkhaus


EA, Samsung, Rodarte, Warner Media, Lululemon, Nike, Harley Davidson, Compass, Reebok, Theory, B Team, Rockefeller, Aritizia, Allstate, Nasty Gal, OneFineStay, Urban Outfitters


I collaborate closely with a range of premium directors shaping the cultural zeitgeist across the US, UK, and Europe in commerical and creative capacities. Many have won Oscars, Emmys, Grammys, Clios, and more. A lot of that is confidential, please reach out directly ︎


  • Creative Strategy
  • Creative Development 
  • Creative Writing
  • Narrative Strategy
  • Scriptwriting & Consulting
  • Verbal Strategy
  • Casting Interviews & Research
  • Naming & Messaging
  • Voice
  • Comms Strategy
  • Messaging Strategy
  • Workshopping
  • Content Strategy
  • Positioning
  • Copywriting