Los Angeles-based CREATIVE STRATEGIST & WRITER with a focus on the future. This is a select portfolio.


Documentary, Series, Feature ︎
Role: Story Producer, Development Producer, Writer

Original IP development with several unscripted projects, features, and series.

Select Production Companies: IPC, Iconoclast/Westbrook, Lightbox, Bodega, W+K

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Warner Media x
International Women’s Day

Series, Campaign, Scripted ︎
Role: Creative Strategist, Writer

Women’s equality has been set back by a generation. These 30-second on-air animated films feature Warner Media network talent Jameela Jamil, Kristin Kish, Samantha Bee, Judy Reyes, and Brandi Rhodes.

︎︎︎ Client: Warner Media
︎︎︎ Animation: BWA Studios
︎︎︎ Creative Direction: Alison Roberto
︎︎︎ Production: Dace & Mohr

Acne Studios x Rosalía

Campaign ︎
Role: Story Development

Established the foundational narrative for Acne’s FW22 campaign, building the world with photographer + director Paul Kooiker. 

Rosalía as a historical muse.

︎︎︎ Photographer/Director: Paul Kooiker
︎︎︎ Production: Mini Title

Gonzo Journals

Documentary, Series, Branded Content ︎
Role: Writer

Worked closely with Conde Nast Studios to craft each story and VO.

The output is a series of 8 Gonzo-inspired Journals / Episodes that capture unique Harley riders across the world. 

︎︎︎ Director: Ivan Olita
︎︎︎ Art Direction: Ralph Steadman
︎︎︎ Editorial Direction: Corey Seymour
︎︎︎ Production: Conde Nast Studios

Brand Transformation

Strategy, Transformation ︎
Role: Verbal Strategist
Transforming skeletal brand strategies into actionable tools, company-wide workshops, templates, matrices, and guides, I established Voice and activated brand Purpose company-wide.

These tools created cross functionality and unifying frameworks across Policy, Inclusive Design, Social Impact, Positive Play, and in-game messaging.

︎︎︎ Client: Electronic Arts

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